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...We will guide you on Alaskan Brown Bear Viewing Adventure that will leave you with memories and photographs to fuel daydreams for the rest of your life. Step on board our  floatplane based on Beluga Lake in Homer Alaska and let the adventure begin. Flying west over the Cook Inlet, named for 18th century explorer Captain James Cook, watch the snowy Alaska Range which rings the Alaska Peninsula loom into view - five active volcanoes are the crown jewels of this range - 120 miles NW is Mt Spur which last erupted in 1994, following south are Mt Redoubt last erupting in 1990 and Mt Iliamna dormant but sporting a steaming vent on the north side - weather permitting you will also see Mt Augustine an island volcano rising from the Cook Inlet approximately 4,000' -most active of the group, Augustine last erupted in 1986 and frequently vents tall plumes of steam - to your south the massive Mt Douglas lays sleeping draped in snow and flanked by glaciers. As you fly over the coast evidence of the massive forces that formed Alaska are written in the contorted and fractured rock of the coastline. Reaching the Alaska Peninsula the terrain turns to the stark reality of mountainous peaks and undulating tundra. Your destination will vary with the season. Bears follow food sources over the summer season and we will follow the bears.

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Mt Augustine

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032_403s.jpg ...June to mid to late July finds us along the coastal sedge flats watching as the bears beach comb and graze on succulent spring grasses and browse. It is mating season - we may see large males pursuing the females, June is the time new spring cubs are being introduced into the general population of bears - young sub adults are playfully celebrating the return of summer. In mid to late July to mid August-ish, many of the streams and rivers along the Alaska Range fill with salmon returning to the very streams they were spawned in, their bright red color shines and flashes as they fight their way up stream. Waiting for the salmon are the bears sporting hefty appetites after a long winters sleep. Each has their favorite fishing spot and unique fishing style.
...Mid August through September finds the bears fat and slick, moving between the salmon streams and the abundant ripe berries on the hillsides. Appetites sated, preparing to den.
...Throughout the day as we walk along the streams stopping frequently to sit on an overlook to watch, you might be amazed by how graceful and sensitive these magnificent creatures are, or by the tender interaction of a female with her cubs-cubs wrestling while mom catches lunch. Just when you think all the bears have moved off, like a ghost a 1200 pound male silently appears - don't be alarmed, he has one thing on his mind- catching fish! Watching his slow rolling gate you would think he couldn't possibly move as quickly or gracefully as he does splashing into the stream after a fish - in fact he can run up to 40 miles per hour, can turn like a working cow horse, stand on his hind legs, walk across logs that look to narrow for his feet and scratch the inside of his ear with one claw.
01e250B.jpg ...Bears are not the only animals that are attracted to the streams by the fish. Gulls soar and swirl hoping for a chance at a few scraps, Bald Eagles may pass low over the stream grabbing a flashing fish in their talons. Seals follow the salmon to the stream mouths hoping to feast on this much prized food source. Red Fox are frequent visitors and if you are extremely lucky you might possibly see wolverine, coyote or wolves. While walking across the tundra Caribou are often seen along with a myriad of birds and small mammals.
...Expect to do moderate walking and spend 4-5 hours out in bear country - returning Homer in the evening tired but full of wonder and awe by the things you have experienced through the course of the day.
...If you want to see beauty beyond belief both in the vastness of Alaska and the creatures that live here make a reservation with Us and let us share our world with you.

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